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Killer Oceans webmaster to young people: read every day and read widely. Know the meaning of systemic.

An elder blogger has years of practical experience. This becomes important for environmental blogging. We witnessed our planet's habitat destruction over decades, sometimes up close and personal, and from afar. Wetlands destruction for up-close experience comes to mind for this blogger.

For example, there's no denying Southern California's wetland habitat destruction. In my home town, Bellflower, California, I had the dubious distinction of seeing the destruction of wetlands. It joined "progress" and became an asphalt parking lot for a strip mall. Soon, Southern California's wetlands became sparse as did insect populations, a worldwide event.

Now, I live in a parking lot, albeit in human habitat as seen from space. Insect populations no longer abide this way of life, I see. By June 10, 2018, June bugs ignored my porch light. (Butterflies and moths fair little better. Could insects be gone by the end of the century? | OCC News - Worldwide decline of the entomofauna: A review of its drivers - Francisco Sánchez-Bayo: Drivers Of The Worldwide Decline Of Insects - Without the Insects We'll Lose Everything - Marla Spivak: Why bees are disappearing - Worldwide decline of the entomofauna: A review of its drivers pdf)

My experience also includes witnessing the pollution of coastal waters as DDT and heavy metals like mercury and lead drained into Earth's global ocean. Most likely, today, Southern California cities discharge tons of Monsanto into our very own killer ocean. Every rain carries Monsanto from lawns and flower gardens to our killer ocean.

So we have a "Monsanto ocean" now. It's hard to say from my keyboard, though.

As a boy, I learned to fish from the Orange County, Seal Beach Pier, and surf near the General Electric power plant's warm water discharge. Friends called this surf spot, "the tub." What it lacked in big waves and "form" it made up with its bathtub-like warmth, even in December; we had no idea that Earth's oceans were becoming hot like "the tub." Climate scientists like Roger Revelle knew, though.

Roger Revelle, a World War II US Navy Commander, knew how carbon dioxide heats from reflected solar energy. He must have also known about ocean acidification, a take away from high school chemistry; carbon dioxide in water begets acidic water.

The acid turns our oceans into killer oceans for the soft-shelled critters and others below the waves; coral reefs die. Perhaps Commander Revelle sensed indignity and depression by what he learned, considering the weight of his findings over against the war to save liberal democracy. I sense as much for the "Great Generation" as well as ourselves.

From Seal Beach, surfers saw that carbon sulfates, carbon dioxide particles too, were on the rise. I intuited climate damage, "something amiss in this."Smog" rose over Los Angeles, and it encroached over the Los Angeles basin.

Smog blew on south-easterly winds and into the eyes and lungs of young boys and girls for a generation. Today we pay at the gas pump for kinder gasoline to burn in our cars and lawn mowers. We do this for the "school kids," we tell ourselves.

We knew about car exhaust, then. I also knew how gas burning lawnmowers spewed dark exhaust. These were the days when a boy could earn money mowing neighbors' lawns. The cash paid for beach trips.

So, from our parking lots to Monsanto laden, DDT poisoned killer ocean fish, a boy grew into a man with practical, environmental experience. This type of expertise develops intuition. The mind plays at crystal ball-like glimmers of the future. Learning the truth did not come as a shock, then, but somewhat as a surprise.

From the Internet, we learn from peer-reviewed science journals how our planet heats. In fact, Commander Revelle's research has a place on the Internet for anyone with an interest in climate damage. There's no excuse for remaining in the dark, on the dark side with climate deceiving fossil fuel corporations.

We also have NASA's growing, eye-witness documentation of humankind's perpetration of global genocide. President Kennedy's cold war race to the moon, a non-race, lead to this fortuitous outcome for future generations, a planetary perspective. Earth sciences became informed by satellites. I'm glad for this. So "Good luck," I say to young environmental bloggers.

A question arises here. Is it better to have lived a life knowing an environmentally safer planet existed, or better to have lived and not known an environmentally safer planet existed? This is sort of like asking, is it better to experience great wealth early in life and then lose it in old age, or is it better to have never known great wealth? Maybe this is not a good analogy.

And then we have the fossil fuel industry, a leveler for both young and old bloggers. This blogger had no idea that the fossil fuel industry hid the results of its own climate research. How could I?

Maybe I should have guessed the deceptions. I knew about, suspected "something," considering smog from car exhaust. Plus, I had my share of campfire experiences, I admit. Many times while in the Sierra's above Bass Lake, my friends and I questioned the final outcome of our campfire smoke. It rose in sharp defiance of the mountains' pristine air molecules. So one billion cars' exhaust might mean something, I think.

Now, imagine growing up knowing that your government aided and abetted the fossil fuel industry's climate deceptions. I was saved from this pain and suffering. Young environmental bloggers are not. They may suffer fear and trembling knowing the truth; their government conspired against their families, friends, and life itself.

Thankfully, they have the new brand of truth-telling politicians, like Sheldon Whitehouse and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez - - truth tellers. I'm glad for this; still, these modern politicians are too few and too late for many of Earth's species-populations in the wild, and possibly civilization.

My generation, the baby boomers, have oceans of proof to understand threats to our entire planet's life systems; they do not use this knowledge to benefit their children or their children's children and so on. This should scare future generations into making big changes, paradigm changes.

After all, to the chagrin of young and old environmental bloggers, we know the depth and breadth of fossil fuel's moral corruption. We understand how our government abides it, and how it dwarfs that of Hitler, Stalin, and Pol Pot combined. Perhaps we might have lived happier lives, not knowing.

"Do what you can to do what you ought, and leave hoping and fearing alone." Huxley, T. H.. Aphorisms and Reflections

Memorial Day, May 27, 2019


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"Oil creates the illusion of a completely changed life, life without work, life for free. ... The concept of oil expresses perfectly the eternal human dream of wealth achieved through lucky accident.... In this sense, oil is a fairy tale and like every fairy tale a bit of a lie." -Ryszard Kapuscinski' Sonia Shah. Crude: The Story of Oil Kindle Edition.

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