The Oceans and Climate Mix


Until recently, many of us rarely thought of the Earth's global ocean when thinking about climate; in fact, many of us confused climate with the weather. We need to look around and ask, how did we come to believe that we could burn fossil fuels and our forests and not cause something like global warming? Where was our government and media all of this time?

We need to ensure that our government representatives heed science. We need to ensure future generations learn that polluting the atmosphere with CO2 also pollutes the global ocean.

The global ocean covers 71 percent of Earth. The oceans dominate Earth's climate. Remove the global ocean and we have no climate. Raise or lower the ocean's temperature and our climate changes, and it changes for generations. In fact, the heat we added to the global ocean today will remain for many years. Meanwhile, warmer ocean water will melt ice, the critical albedo that reflects hot solar energy back into space.

Without albedo, ocean must become warmer. Since the industrial revolution began emitting millions of tons of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, we set the stage for melting critical Arctic glaciers and Arctic Ocean ice. The Arctic Ocean now becomes warmer as its sea ice melts in summer month and as glaciers world-wide melt. Science proves this process time and again; it is not in dispute. It is proven fact with physics, chemistry, and multi-disciplinary research along with observation.

Because of the oceans great mass and short of a meteor strike, the global ocean will continue to warm even after humanity reduces atmospheric CO2 to 350 parts per million (ppm) and less. Latent heat will continue to mix with Earth's atmosphere and surface temperatures long after our departure from this Earth wreck.











This is a web master audio used for reference and not recommended for the casual listener. You can find a pdf from the Oceanography Society, from which this audio arose.