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Killer Oceans Notes - Acidification - Increasing Heat - Plastic Pollution (new project)


Please note that the term "Mexican" is not intended to demean any members of the Mexican population. Its use in this video was not intended as an ethnic slur. I note that a Mexican biologist (at least she speaks Spanish) and Mexican military are aboard this Sea Shepherd vessel as security, apparently.

How do we know? NASA's FAQs - Audio Introduction to Killer Oceans

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The Oceans Role in Climate

journal Oceanography

Ocean warming

The World Ocean Database Project is the largest database for temperature profiles from all of the world’s oceans.

Carbon dioxide
Carbon dioxide

14, 27, 233 – 240; and climate change, 16, 20; increase in atmosphere, 11, 19, 20, 113, 186; and Arctic sea ice, 17; ocean-atmosphere partition, 20: "; a in our opinion, more detailed preliminary examination of the problem up ocean-atmosphere partition is CO2 is required before a continuing measurement program for the CO2 content up ocean waters can be recommended." there is no real concern for Earth's archer then content as a result of CO2 pollution of the atmosphere. stratosphere, 22, 275 – 276; distribution and atmosphere, 47; as contaminant, 54;; the absorption of solar energy, 83, 85; and infrared radiation, 84 – 85; and surface temperature, 112; prediction of future, concentration, 233 – 238; climatic effects of changing concentrations, 233 – 238; climatic effects of changing concentration – 238 – 240; SMIC recommendations, 244; residence time of, 275

The SMIC recommended a minimum of 10 atmospheric carbon dioxide tracking stations. It also recommended extensive study in surveys in both time and space a partial pressure of CO2 in in the surface layers of the oceans. It recommended research into CO2 uptake by the ocean and biosphere to monitor changes in atmospheric CO2. CO2 content of both ocean and biomass should be made from time to time as enhancementS to our knowledge of carbon dioxide's processes in the carbon dioxide cycle.

The SMIC also recommended studies into the CO2 content effects on changing cloud cover and snow cover. The question becomes, how do these changes effect surface air temperature with increasing CO2 levels in the atmosphere? Water vapor remains an important consideration.

The SMIC recommended water vapor measurements in the upper troposphere to an accuracy of 10%. Included in the recommendations was stratospheric observations of the absolute magnitude water vapor concentration to include latitudinal and temporal variations. The accuracy of measurements was to be held to 1 ppm.

The SMIC recommended2, H2 S, and NH three, concentrations and unpolluted areas. An accuracy of 10% recommended. They recommended 10 baseline stations and 100 regional stations in order to improve and understand the life history of these gases and their part in particle formation.

Finally, they recommended a note to monitoring program with careful measurements in intervals of about 10 years at no more than five baseline stations. Accuracy was to be held to at least the fifth significant figure.

Ocean atmosphere transport and the oceans, removal of the Arctic ice sheet pages 88 and 153 SMIC. See The Killer Oceans.

How the World Passed a Carbon Threshold and Why It Matters

Overthrow: 100 Years of U.S. Meddling & Regime Change, from Iran to Nicaragua to Hawaii to Cuba


The warming caused by CO2 doubling is called the climate sensitivity.

The Tragic Tale of the Tasmanian Tigerevery Arctic feedback that we can detect is positive and there is no process that we can think of that will slow or halt the decline of the summer sea ice towards oblivion.

Wadhams, Peter. A Farewell to Ice (p. 85). Oxford University Press. Kindle Edition. A satellite now exists which is designed to carry out this task. It is called CryoSat-2

Wadhams, Peter. A Farewell to Ice (p. 82). Oxford University Press. Kindle Edition. we simply don't expect to see any exciting ocean current changes yet in the data.

Archer, David. The Climate Crisis . Cambridge University Press. Kindle Edition.

Human caused global warming gives rise to the new climate change, a by-product of the industrial revolution. We know for a fact that global warming occurs because of Earth's elliptical motion around the Sun and the atmospheric chemistry of the "greenhouse" gases, water vapor, carbon dioxide, methane, nitrous oxide, and chlorofluorocarbon; the same physics and chemistry apply to Venus, Mars, and Titan.

We know this because Jean Baptiste Joseph Fourier, a mathematician in Bonaparte's army while in Egypt, considered the history of temperature. In doing so, he proved the interaction between greenhouse gases and solar radion in 1824, which he later documented in 1827. What we now call "calculating a spectrum," Fourier brought the analytical chemistry of carbon dioxide into the realm of human knowledge, which became the smoking gun of today's new climate change.

Suppose the Earth had no atmosphere. What temperature do we expect Earth to warm from sunlight energy input? Answer 3°F or 16°C. What Fourier gave us is an understanding of what keeps Earth warmer with its atmosphere, it's greenhouse blanket, which many planets have little or none.

Because the Earth's atmosphere absorbs and emits infrared radiation that hates in contact with greenhouse gases, especially water vapor, the Earth receives energy from both the song and infrared radiation shining from Earth's land and ocean surfaces. As a result, Earth's life forms Sherry surface temperature between 86°F or 30°C.

Earth science now reached a higher level of understanding of heat's role in the glacier paradox. Earth's losing its glaciers, its ice, and reflective surfaces because we burn fossil fuel emitting carbon dioxide. Today we know well the part of atmospheric absorption of infrared radiation, longwave radiation.

As a result, in part, we understand that the Earth has an energy budget balanced by incoming solar radiation and reflected solar radiation, shortwave radiation (infrared radiation). So we use the "greenhouse effect" analogy, a metaphor, to explain atmospheric chemistry between carbon dioxide and infrared light, reflected solar energy. As a result, we know that any object warmer than absolute zero shines in the infrared light spectrum. For example, an iron horseshoe heated to a glow shines red while reflecting visible, infrared wavelengths. As its heat balances out with oom temperature, we no longer see the reflected sunlight, only the horseshoe. So we know that infrared radiation has a wavelength from about 800 nm to 1 mm, and is emitted mainly by heated objects.

Naomi Oreskes beginning

Tikopia -

Arctic sea ice and albedo, 15, 87;, 17, 72, 115 to 117, 121 – 122, 125 – 126, 159 – 181; advection the transfer of heat or matter by the flow of a fluid, especially horizontally in the atmosphere or the sea.

Climate Action Tracker

(A curiosity beyond the scope this this web site, but in the context of climate deception. Regarding commercial media's programming, a business model rather than an information model, after all of the FBI investigations into environmental and political groups, why the problem with current and recent FBI investigations into the White House? What's to lose from another investigation, albeit an investigation of the White House? We know that neither the commercial media nor the governments will give a clear and compelling account of the modern climate change. So why should we care if commercial media highlights White House corruption? A big story is 500 ppm carbon dioxide, another 5 degrees Fahrenheit, by 2050)Pre-Islamic history of the Middle East


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Eddie Evans wearing a Killer Oceans t-shirt, San Clemente, California. .