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January 12, 2021 - Tuesday

The Climate Crisis Will Be Steroids for Fascism


Women scientists focus on a secret weapon to fight climate change: Moms


January 11, 2021 Monday

The American Abyss: uploaded Ian Masters interview. -


The Radical Case for Growing Huge Swaths of Bamboo in North America

I'm still moving slowly through Reason in a Dark Time, Jamieson, especially chapter 3. Chapter 3 gives needed information on the manipulation of ideologies, especially in commodification of epistemology, politics, more.

BOMBSHELL: Top Trump-ally Chris Christie calls for Trump’s impeachment

Replying to
Unless Trump is removed, the following people will be pardoned in the next 8 days: Donald Trump Donald Trump Jr Kimberly Guilfoyle Eric Trump Lara Trump Ivanka Trump Jared Kushner Steve Miller Rudy Giuliani Dan Scavino Mark Meadows
Yes, and that is why we need to Trump-proof the presidency going forward. For starters he should have been unqualified to run. He never released his taxes so wouldn't pass security checks, had no public service record and never sold off all his business interests.


it is insanity that Trump encouraged a coup attempt on Wednesday and he’s still president four days later


January 1, 2020

It's 4:30 and I'm debating between Reason in
A Time of Darkness
and Moran's Climate Studies, Introduction to Climate Studies. Moran makes the most sense, considering his text introduces the multi-disciplines comprising "climate science. Jamieson has a much broader approach, not science in itself, but social commentary and such.

The Stern Review link goes toward my state of mind. I'm not in the same mindset as Stern and Brithish apologists. When they say, "It will be too late," I reply, "Too late for what?". It's too late to stop ocean acidification and a more mercillous killer oceans. It's too late to stop ocean acidification and adding ocean heat, Arctic Sea ice melt, and more. The global ocean's latent heat must release heat for hundreds, even thousands of years when we do stop adding greehnouse gases to the atmosphere. Yes, it's too late now for the loss of species populations in the wild.

What value do speices populations in the wild have?