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Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

"Science should not be partisan."

HS Resolution for a Green New Deal (PDF)

US Green Party Green New Deal

Hear Ian Masters below - Wikipedia Green New Deal Explanation - Spain's Green New Deal; Britain makes a so-so effort to decarbonize - The Washington Post Green New Deal Video and Web Page -

Web Master: The Green New Deal (GND) a Crap Shoot?

res·o·lu·tion - NOUN: a firm decision to do or not to do something.
"They kept their resolution to vote for peace" synonyms: intention · resolve · decision · intent · aim · aspiration · design

Also see President Bush climate deception video below)

What is the most conspicuous information missing from the "Green New Deal" and why? (Article - - Environmental Research Letters: The climate mitigation gap: education and government recommendations miss the most effective individual actions, and

Life on this planet cannot survive a growing human population. Why is this simple fact ignored?

Life on our planet cannot survive our anti-science ideas.

For the 7th Generation, value appropriate technologies, value climate science.

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Hear Ian Master's radio Interview (Part 2 You Tube) - Also, see the Thom Hartman video below for his take on the Green New Deal's positive outcomes.

Ian Masters interviewed William Morris, Justice Democrats, about the Green New Deal (GND) as outlined by Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. This new deal offers a profound change in our lives to eliminate carbon dioxide emissions.

It sounds like the dominant Democrats remain in the dark, unaware of global warning's threat to humanity as well as other life forms. The Green New Deal offers more than an attack on carbon dioxide emissions into Earth's atmosphere.

It calls for socializing the cost of medical care, higher education, and jobs. Will these "add-ons," if that is what they are, kill attempts to legislate meaningful efforts to stop CO2 emissions? Are Ocasio-Cortez and Justice Democrats asking for too much at great risk?

Bluntly, is The Green New Deal another form of climate deception unwittingly perpetrated in the name of a political strategy? Should they, we, find better, safer ways to socialize education costs for all, socialize the costs of medicine for all, and ensure jobs for all? Why not decouple climate change legislation from these social welfare programs to ensure clarity of mission, clarity of legislation?

Otherwise, it's a "crap shoot" to see how much more we can add to critical climate legislation. Insect extinctions and ocean acidification leave no time, not a moment, to play with congressional fighting. One step at a time, then.


Weekend Worrier
1 hour ago
Unless it can be sold with job growth and continued economic growth it wouldn't even be considered. Degrowth is needed but people across the spectrum are in denial because they want their portfolios to grow, pay off their mortgages, put their kids through college and have a comfortable retirement etc etc.

Climate Deception Network
6 hours ago (edited)

Please make no mistake, I wish every politician in Washington DC used AOC's critical thinking skills to reveal useful information for citizens. But for Senator Sheldon Whitehouse, she shines like no others.

Still, though, not a word about degrowth: silence as always and everywhere.

So AOC and the Green New Deal is another form of climate deception, in my humble opinion.

Never mind that it comes with good intentions; it is still another form of political denial of the seriousness of the new climate change. President Johnson did the same thing in 1965 when he recognized the new climate change and then got mired in Vietnam and "The Great Society." He basically said, in part, that the new climate change wasn't worth worrying about, as we might say about AOC's willingness to cloud the issue.

She is not alone in this quest to grow the welfare state by leveraging global warming legislation. So now, ending greenhouse gas emissions into Earth's atmosphere and oceans ranks with full employment, free college tuition, and medical for all.

Other politicians will follow in her footsteps. Expect politicians to leverage pork-barrel projects against climate change mitigation.

She will be blasphemed henceforth for various reasons, and this is one reason I join the chorus of blasphemers.

So here we are today; now AOC has helped confuse the climate change issues directly with the welfare state (The Great Society) and thereby confused, muddied climate change mitigation efforts in the US.

Again, the GND simply tells the world that the new climate change is not as severe as it is. In doing so, climate deniers worldwide will again push the Tobacco Strategy (cause doubt). Tens of millions will continue relying on Monday Night Football for their current events.

Here's a stark example of how politicians use climate change for their political strategies:

In his 2000 campaign for the president, President Bush advocated climate change legislation to combat global warning's effects.

However, in March 2001 he did not sign the Kyoto Protocol at the Bonn meeting. This came as a damaging move for ending United States emissions of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. Keep in mind that at this period of history the USA produced about one quarter of the world's carbon dioxide pollution.

His cabinet picks showed no sign of respecting and using climate science to inform his decision making. In fact, it appears that his administration became hostile to climate science. Killer oceans became more acidic, became more polluted by plastic as a result because we continued to ignore our killer oceans.

"Not only has the Bush administration withdrawn from the Kyoto Protocol negotiations, but it has failed to ratify the Rio pact on biodiversity, withdrawn from the anti-ballistic missile treaty, opposed the ban on land-mines, opposed amendments to the biological warfare convention, opposed the setting up of an international criminal court, and sidelined the UN in the lead-up to the second Iraq war.

This pattern of US unilateralism should not be seen as merely a transitory problem reflecting the Bush administration, but rather it shows the fundamental schism between the world-views of the USA and the rest of the Western world."

Maslin, Mark. Global Warming: A Very Short Introduction (p. 137). Oxford University Press. Kindle Edition.


Also visit Climate Deception and Percent Counts for more on the new climate change, corporate and government climate deception.

President Bush and Political Climate Deception



court, and sidelined the UN in the lead-up to the second Iraq war. This pattern of US unilateralism should not be seen as merely a transitory problem reflecting the Bush administration, but rather it shows the fundamental schism between the world-views of the USA and the rest of the Western world.


". . . . an orientation toward democracy in the context of nation-states and capitalism requires state support for public goods ranging from health care to quality education, economic redistributions, and strong prophylaxes against corruption by wealth."

Brown, Wendy. In the Ruins of Neoliberalism (The Wellek Library Lectures) (p. 26). Columbia University Press. Kindle Edition.


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More than too late - - How will humanity get the heat, acid, and plastic out of the global ocean? Humanity will not, cannot get the heat, acid, and plastic out of the global ocean in generations. It is too late now and was too late long ago. We created killer oceans while we allowed climate denial by corporations and governments.