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They Knew Chronological Grid - A working paper

(The Riddle to The Glaciers)

Ask "what happened." Then remember that climate change ramped up as the United States Government practiced intergenerational moral corruption (IMC).


The graph below reflects, in part, what President Carter and all US Presidents following him knew about climate change dangers.



Full disclosure: I'm Ed Evans.

I'm neither a Democrat nor a Republican. I believe that both parties were morally corrupt when they failed to halt nuclear proliferation, and both denied the new climate change to various degrees. Neither party deserves our support.

I am both liberal and conservative in terms of political labels. I am "liberal" in the sense that liberal means freedom, equality, democracy, and human rights; I do not mean freedom to destroy the prospects of coming generations, human and nonhuman.

I am "conservative" in the sense that conservative means to conserve nature's habitat for human and nonhumans.

In the 1950s and 1960s, scientists were ringing alarm bells. Notable scientists such as Guy S. Callendar, Roger Revelle, Gilbert Plass, and Charles D. Keeling produced reliable and detailed charts. These measure the carbon dioxide atmospheric concentrations shown on the Keeling Curve. Is it any wonder that the IPCC says "code red" today?.


Johnson 1963 to 1969

By 1965 climate change became most evident to the United States government. President Johnson had key reports on climate change by November 1965. Responding to the environmental pollution panel of the President's Science Advisory Committee, he became the first president to sound the alarm on atmospheric carbon dioxide pollution. (I define "pollution" as any substance that diminishes human or nonhuman habitat.)

the National Science Foundation published the report "Weather and Climate Modification: Report of the Special Commission on Weather Modification." Weather modification meant humans caused change climate, which we now call the Anthropocene. We call this era the "Anthropocene" because humans are now the single source of climate change, not geography.

The Weather and Climate Modification Report stated that carbon dioxide concentrations in the atmosphere increased 10 to 15% in the 20th century. These changes were causing severe heat imbalances.

President Johnson did the right thing regarding climate change.

Also, it's interesting how President Johnson's information became reaffirmed by US Government agencies decade after decade until today. Interesting.

Nixon 1969 to 1974

President Nixon had the same climate change information as President Johnson and more. As science advanced and atmospheric carbon dioxide density increased, the evidence became stronger.

Additionally, in 1970 President Nixon stated in his annual plan for participation in the World Weather Program, "In the longer term, the quality of the atmosphere may determine whether man survives or perishes."

"The federal government must play a leadership role because these efforts are so large and so long-term that the fragmented power industry cannot be expected to do the job itself," Said Dr. David, Director of the Office of Science and Technology.

Interestingly, Dr. David moved to Exxon soon after leaving the Nixon administration.

Note: we have no cause to believe that Dr. David acted in bad faith with his move to Exxon. Incidentally, he later wrote a textbook on physics for high school students. I make the point because revolving doors exist between the US Government, corporations, and the military-industrial complex, as President Eisenhower warned.

In any case, we know that by 1979, Exxon knew greenhouse gases add to global warming, the cause of climate change by increasing the Earth's greenhouse gas, atmospheric insulation. See the links below.

1967 - - The US Department of Commerce reported that the Panel on Electrically Powered Vehicles "recommended that admissions standards be set for vehicles."

"Two months later, President Nixon wrote to his director of Office of Science and Technology regarding the UNESCO conference on the environment: "Man in the environment: a view toward survival, on the obligation and responsibility of government to protect future generations from global climate change and polluted oceans."

Baby boomers may also recall the name John Ehrlichman from the Watergate escapades. John Ehrlichman pursued the development of non-internal combustion engines, "EV," electric vehicles.

I'm saying that John Ehrlichman wanted to replace internal combustion machines with "EVs" back in 1968. So Ehrlichman knew the importance of electric cars and the dangers of ICE machines.

So, a republican president, President Nixon, sought to make liberal adjustments to the American energy system, a "liberal fix."
Repeat it; a Republican administration recommended a liberal fix to catastrophic climate change. Maybe this wasn't a liberal fix; it made so much good sense that it did not need political labels.

Standing in the way of these liberal adjustments, right-wing politicians pushed a halt to change in the status quo, business as usual. There is too much money to lose burning fossil fuels and creating ice machines.

Yep, we need to look no further to answer, "What happened?"

Fossil fuel subsidies paid billions of dollars to suck fossil fuels out of the Earth. Plus, externalizing the costs to future generations explain American intergenerational moral corruption. American xceptionalism was not so exceptional, after all.

As for other nations, such as China and India, "catch up" became their rationale for intergenerational moral corruption. They externalized the cost of fossil fuels to the future to cash in the best thing to next to free lunch.




President Ford 1974 to 1977

Ford administration gets credit for creating the first Corporate Average Fuel Economy or CAFE standards. So again, we see that some Republicans understood the crisis at hand, and these Republicans had done the right thing. They practiced intergenerational moral responsibility or IMR. Other presidents, especially Republican Presidents, practiced intergenerational moral corruption repeatedly. Democrat presidents fail the Intergenerational Moral Corruption Test but get credit for attempting to do the right thing at times.

What happened?

Please stay tuned for a non-commercial tidbit on computer modeling and climate science in the 1960s.


In 1960, the National Science Foundation created The National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR), a wise move to say the least.

Both UCLA and the Rand Corporation created computer modeling laboratories, and the Rand Corporation served the US military. Funding from the Defense Advanced Research Project Agency (DARPA) played a significant role in early climate and atmospheric funding. It's not all about weapons of mass destruction, after all.

Computer Systems

Computer systems ramped up programs focused on understanding and developing atmosphere-ocean climate models—their goal, understand increased concentrations of carbon dioxide CO2 parts per million (CO2 ppm).
The office of Naval Research would fund research relating to climate change.

Wall Street leaped into computer technologies with enthusiasm. Some baby boomers may recall the IBM 6050seemingly magical power to consolidate great quantities of "bits." Stock trade models proved their value as they either failed or passed stock market trading over one hundred years.

Climate Models
Today, climate scientists and atmospheric scientists also benefit from computer technology. Computers allow researchers to create complex climate models. They find many climate patterns quickly from the past for verifying their models.

Models become calibrated and verified with past climate patterns well understood for decades—for example, computer models matched ice core samples from the Arctic and Ant-Arctic.

President Carter benefitted from advanced computer modeling systems created in the 1960s, as did all following presidents.















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