What they knew, when they knew - -

I'm quoting the text here:
“ (1) The U.S. Government knew enough about fossil fuels and climate change to act, (2) The government received abundant warnings to reduce fossil fuel use as part of the national energy system, and (3) that notwithstanding those reasonable and available alternatives, the federal government continued to foster a fossil fuel based energy system."

President Carter  1977 to 1981

The Global 2000 report and brought light to a host of issues that other presidents may have considered, but failed to bring together for political action. He left an indullable trail for political action; now we need politicians to restore it.

President Carter zeroed in on carbon dioxide atmospheric density, acid rain, and that ugly fact, human population growth would continue. Conceivably at that time, human population would increase 50% by the end of the century, the 20th century.

President Carter Carter promoted a new energy direction. He said, "that we put this nation on a path to a sustainable energy future, one based increasingly on renewable resources and on energy conservation.

Note that he did not say this new direction would occur over night. But it would seek a path to a sustainable energy future. This is an idea Carter's energy critics seem to ignore.

He sought "true energy security" for his nation based on renewable energy, conservation, and self-reliance. What happened? Intergenerational moral corruption, that's what.

Carter timeline


how scientists got climate change so wrong

Permafrost methane:"in damp anoxic conditions it produces methane but if there are overlying layers that are drier then the methane will be eaten by other microbes as it gets to the surface, if it is a dry area then the microbes produce carbon dioxide."