Earth's dominant ideology (Noam Chomsky on Neoliberalism), "grow or die" under neoliberalism appears to now shift to perverted forms of nationalism, racism, speciesism, at any cost to life forms. Habitat remains under attack from neoliberal projects, for certain; yet, there's no denying a shift in neoliberalsim to something as damaging as the shift from classical liberalism.

"The moral public life that is privatized – – national parks, education, roads, emergency, schools, and other city services – – the more this inequality keeps up the have-knots into crowded undeserved piles of misery while offering the haves (the top 30%, not the top 1%" every possible way to buy their way out of crowding, waiting, and suffering."

"It's based on a scam, because it doesn't rely on free markets. It relies on socializing costs and risks, and privatizing profits." Gustav

Classical Liberalism (consumer capitalism) POLITICAL THEORY - Adam Smith

I don't get it. Why should Exxon-Mobile be free to destroy habitat for all, and then be free to wage a campaign of climate denial and war on climate science? As I see it, the left is the political side of the political spectrum that fights climate deception and climate denial.