Earth's Heat Drivers - Sun, Stars, Greenhouse Gasses (human emissions, volcanoes)

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Peatlands and Carbon Dioxide Emission Problems

New Study: 300 Million Face Severe Risk of Climate-Fueled Coastal Flooding by 2050

Rapid Climate Change Threat Multipliers to U.S. Military Risk Collapse Within Twenty Years

"Nonsmokers sometimes die of lung cancer, and smokers sometimes die of old age. I think it’s rare to find a signal of such sublime clarity in the chaotic natural world as that between CO2 and the temperature in Antarctica.."

Archer, David. The Long Thaw (Princeton Science Library) (pp. 75-76). Princeton University Press. Kindle Edition.

October 28, 2019

A Brief History of Climate Science

The Biggest Lie About Climate Change

Fueled by Climate Change, California’s Raging Wildfires Are Threatening Vulnerable Communities First

Added another Fourier greenhouse explanation to Killer Oceans notes.

Rapid Sea-Level Rise “Threat Multipliers” to Coastlines, Nuclear Power Plants, and Mega-Cities - Paul Beckwith

Waging War Has Gigantic Carbon Footprint that is NOT even Counted in Overall Global Emissions

The great death of insects | DW Documentary (Ecology documentary)

U.S. Military Could Collapse within 20 Years due to Climate Change: Pentagon Commissioned Report

What NASA can and does do:Aqua/AIRS Water Vapor Near Southern California

How is it that the AntArtic remains frozen? Answer: Because its cold ocean water cannot migrate to the northern hemisphere.

The Return of the 'Blob': Hawaii's Reefs Threatened by Marine Heat Wave

October 26, 2019

Another technological fix: MIT engineers develop a new way to remove carbon dioxide from air

The process could work on the gas at any concentrations, from power plant emissions to open air.

Nancy Cole on Climate Deception Dossiers - Excerpt

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez On Climate Change - Exxon - Discussion of the Global Climate Coalition (GCC)

Oversight and Reform Committee on Environment - C-Span

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez's Reveals Exxon Knew at House Hearing - - Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez's voice cracks during speech on climate change - - BLACK BEAR NEWS: Exxon Knew - Added AOC Exxon video to home page. -

Chasing Methane : Big Brother is watching!

Climat Science History work centralization -

The Gulf Stream Explained

Climate Change and The Great Ocean Conveyor

Gulf Stream current at its weakest in 1,600 years, studies show


October 21, 2019

Payola Fuels A Crock of Persistent Climate Change Denial: A Billion Dollars a Year is Spent to Ensure Inaction

Venus May Have Been Habitable

Edge of Extinction:It's "Journalism," Not Plagiarism - - McPherson's frustration shows through his hyperbole, but there's much fact in what he says. Capital's centralization of the newsroom destroyed much of the source material, the research journalism previous generations experienced. It's only downhill from here, as Fox proves.

The Original Greenhouse Experiments

1767 - - The Greenhouse Experiments: Horace-Benedict de Saussure and Joseph Fourier

Horace-Benedict de Saussure, a physicist and alpine geologist, used an insulated box with a glass window to measure temperatures as he climbed mountains. An analogy to the "greenhouse effect" follows from his experimental "greenhouse" box. He showed air temperatures changed with altitude, while solar radiation (solar heat) remained the same.

Joseph Fourier's "Greenhouse Gas" Experiment -

Joseph F ourier sought to explain heat movement. He experimented, and one day he used a glass tube containing gases common to our atmosphere (our air). Besides oxygen and nitrogen, he placed carbon dioxide and methane in his test tube. Then he exposed his test tube to solar radiation, Sunlight.

As a result, he learned that CO2 and methane become agitated and warm, much more so than oxygen. This test was and is falsifiable, and, probably, millions of students since 1824 repeated this same test under the same conditions used by Fourier.

We know now that Earth's temperature has a natural thermostat, which balances its energy budget. (David Archer - The Long Thaw)

Archer, David. The Long Thaw (Princeton Science Library) (p. 15). Princeton University Press. Kindle Edition.

All objects in the Universe above absolute zero reflect infrared radiation. Earth's temperature, like that of any planet, warms or cools depending upon the amount of energy lost to space, minus the energy gained from solar and internal energy, like a thermostat.

As a result of these tests ( ), we know that Earth's heat balance relies on three natural sources, the Sun, Earth's interior (volcanoes), and stars from far off.

Now, we know that the visible Sunlight (solar radiation) becomes invisible to the human eye once reflected by the Earth's surfaces, land, and water. Fourier called this revealed solar radiation "XYZ." Today, we call this reflected Sunlight "ultraviolet radiation." Reflected Sunlight strikes the gas molecules in the atmosphere, causing them to gyrate and heat. , Sunlight, By proving how Earth's atmosphere resists planetary heat loss.

Fourier understood anthropogenic climate change, then. He realized that the movement of air and water, and that the elevation and forms of our planet surface play a part in Earth's heat balance. He surmised that industry became a heat source, not unlike natural heat sources. So as early as the 1820s, Fourier believed that accidental changes to the Earth's heat would help to "modify" Earth's heat balance.

A 3 minute explanation of human caused global warming video.

Susan Sarandon Speaks to a TYT Audience

October 28, 2019

The Return of the 'Blob': Hawaii's Reefs Threatened by Marine Heat Wave

It's Going To Get Bad Before It Gets Worse

How White Evangelicals Sold Their Soul to Donald Trump To Bring About Armageddon - Frank Schaeffer, former Evangelical explains how white evangelicals in the United States put faith before country, before human rights, in making a "Devil's Bargain" to support Donald Trump

October 19, 2019

Climate Deception Network to begin Live Stream testinig.

Richard Alley - 4.6 Billion Years of Earth’s Climate History: The Role of CO2

The Biggest Lie About Climate Change - Although informative and well intentioned, this video is misleading. Exxon did not discover climate change. See Spencer Wheart's "The Discovery of Global Waming."

2,667 radioactive bags from Fukushima nuke disaster unleashed by Typhoon Hagibis

Can Earth sustain 11 billion humans?Where are we in the Milankovitch Cycles?

Overpopulation facts - the problem no one will discuss: Alexandra Paul at TEDxTopanga

Chasing Methane : Big Brother is watching!

Precession of Earth

Milankovitch and Climate

This motion was first discovered by Hipparchus.

October 11, 2019

Analyst reveals secrets of White House 'situation room'Are You Americans Really This Stupid? What is Wrong with You?

Help butterflies, bees and birds with a pollinator garden in your yard

Jaw-Dropping Methane Levels up to 9 times Global Average Measured Recently Over Arctic Shelf: 2 of 2

October 6, 2019

A proposal to extrac CO2 from sea water: Renewable CO2 recycling and synthetic fuel production in a marine environment

October 12, 2019

Why Earth needs a firewall between its climate funds and wellfare states.

Added Charles Keeling's Climate change and carbon dioxide: An introduction to Killer Oceans blog notes.

A methane fountain: Sea 'Boiling' with Methane Discovered in Siberia: 'No One Has Ever Recorded Anything like This Before'

Climate Mobilization

Not possible to be extinct in 30 years - Guy McPherson Is Very Pessimistic About Climate Change? What Do You Think? What Are The Best Climate -

Peter Carter, "Unprecidented Crime" author, gives a glimpse of climate deception by the fossil fuel industry. The Bush family, oil guys, play a role in climate deception as well. The U S Government, Russia, Saudi Arabia, and Kuwait share in this growing climate crisis.Guy McPherson Says Humans Have Less Than 10 Years Left Due To Climate Change. What Do You Think?

  • Peter Carter assures us that we have more time than McPherson claims. Most scientists agree with Carter. However, Carter is not very convincing because he gives so many reasons that seem to support McPherson's claim.
  • But, does it matter upon which generation the climate crisis hammer falls? It's OUR hammer on their heads, however, far down the generational line, the climate crisis hammer falls.
  • At least, Carter gets to the point, "If it wasn't for the opposition, we would have dealt with this years, and years, and years ago."
  • "1989, that's when the climate deception began."
  • "We need a zero-carbon combustion economy."
  • "It's getting more impossible for the next generation to deal with."
  • "Every year we wait, we make it completely impossible to deal with this monster."
  • Beyond the limits of our best resources, our best inventiveness."
  • "Every single trend is now accelerating." On permafrost . . . most of them are accelerating, and the ones in Siberia are accelerating the fastest."
  • The scientists thought that they wouldn't see the permafrost melting until the next century, but it's melting now."
  • "We're not only looking at the future of human life, but the future of
    most life."
  • "I wonder if education on climate change could have been more helpful for the children."

The paradox of Tesla's Million Mile Battery, or the perpetual motion machine conundrum. On its face, the perpetual motion machine offers humanity a way out of war over resources. In reality, the perpetual motion machine, Tesla's power battery for our purposes, ensures cement heads uninterupted destruction of wild habitat on sea and land.

Funding The Climate Breakdown : How can it be stopped?

October 3, 2019

Why extreme climate scenarios no longer seem so unlikely

Yes, the Climate Crisis May Wipe out Six Billion People - Creator of the ‘ecological footprint’ on life and death in a world 4 C hotter.

The Illusion of Saving the World, September 26, 2019 by Kirkpatrick Sale- "The problem is too big, the solutions too imperfect, and the timing, even if everything got fixed in a decade, is too late." - - (This may well be seen as a key article in the very near future.)

draft follows

The two great engines of the Earth’s interior -

Convection - hot, less dense matter rises, and cold, more dense matter sinks as the movement caused within a fluid under the influence of gravity, which consequently results in a transfer of heat.

Climate Science Emerges and Answers Glacier Paradox (A working draft paper)

1824 - Joseph Fourier

1847 – Ebelmen outlines the carbon cycle
1856 – Eunice Foote notes absorption of sunlight by water vapor and carbon dioxide
1859 – John Tyndall measures thermal absorption of carbon dioxide and other gases, the fundamental mechanism of the greenhouse effect
1864 – James Croll calculated the heat flux in ocean circulation; he then combined geological and astronomical analyses to figure out his astronomical theory of ice ages. His ice-albedo feedback proposal as an amplification mechanism solidly stands today with growing evidence throughout the solar system.

1873 – The HMS Challenger expedition map began mapping deep ocean temperatures. Disputes over bucket types, distance from ship deck to the ocean surface, and other methodological issues became classic, scientific learning points. (Elaboration)

1886 Sevante Arrhenius
On the Influence of Carbonic Acid and the Air upon the Temperature on the Ground
Carbon Dioxide Heats the Earth - R.E.O. Hulburt

The Artificial Production of Carbon Dioxide and Its Influence on Temperature
G.S. Callendar 1938

The Carbon Dioxide Theory of Climate Change by Gilber N. Plass 1955

Mars' spherical figure and polar regions gave a few hints of its real diameter and atmosphere. In turn, astronomical methods gain greater credence.

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Chris Wallace SCHOOLS Kellyanne over “secret impeachment hearings

Veterans Protest Trump While Crowd Chants "LOCK HIM UP"

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Ocasio-Cortez: Ukraine allegation one of the most serious we have seen

TRIGGERED: Crowd Boos Trump, Chants "Lock Him Up" at World Series

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Republicans wro\te the process rules in 2015

Trump’s PATHETIC Spin On Syria

Matt Gaetz leads GOP faction to illegally STORM impeachment hearing

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Trump Self-Impeaches... AGAIN!

Trump Asked MORE Foreign Leaders For Favors

Exposing GOP Made Up Scandals Cost to Democracy!

Trump Urges Ukraine, China to Investigate the Bidens.

Trump Breaks Law On Camera AGAIN

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Republicans Accidentally Destroy Trump’s Biggest Attack Against Biden

Under Scrutiny For Corruption, Trump Blurs Meaning Of Corruption | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC

Render to God and Trump’: Ralph Reed calls for 2020 obedience to Trump

DIY Shower Tile Industry Secrets | Bathrooms 101

draft The missing link: about 2 Gt of carbon dioxide per year net uptake by the land biosphere.

Here's a test to get out the rate of CO2 absorption by the land biosphere. Imagine that the wind blows overland from west to east. The CO2 atmospheric concentration decreases with air movement toward the east. So we can imagine the land biosphere absorbing the reduced atmospheric CO2 concentration. In the northern hemisphere we might find that the missing CO2 has "gone the ground" because of the northern latitudes great forest.

More, during winter months when photosynthesis is down, we would expect higher atmospheric concentrations of CO2 then in summer months when photosynthesis absorbs more CO2. And this is exactly what happens. It's the length of the growing season, then, that makes the difference in overall atmospheric CO2 concentration. Proxy evidence and tree rings reflects the same outcome often enough.


How much more CO2 does the ocean land biosphere exchange with the atmosphere exceed also fuel combustion emissions? About 20 times higher than the rate of fossil fuel CO2 release makes the human release of CO2 so critical is that it is new to the carbon cycle. The atmosphere is the "Grand Central station of the carbon cycle." The visible carbon consisting of plants, people, accounts for more CO2 than that release to date.,
That release today is a tiny amount compared to the total potential CO2 available for release.

Trump Screws Defrauded For-Profit College Student

Republican makes admission about storming House hearing room | Cuomo PrimeTime (It's an "inquirery.) Shills

Anderson Cooper: These hearings aren't a democratic star chamber

- Trump says US building wall in Colorado -- a state that doesn't border Mexico

Gruesome videos show alleged atrocities in Syria

Pence asked FOUR TIMES in a row if he knew of Trump’s quid pro quo- Pence runs and hids on this interview. A "yes" or "no" would have worked.

US Troops Have New Mission Of Securing Oil In Syria | Morning Joe | MSNBC

Pentagon Contradicts Trump's Baghdadi Story

Poppy Harlow presses GOP congressman: Why haven't you attended any of these depositions?

Vindman: Trump-Ukraine Call Record Omitted Biden-Related Mentions | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC - - "Leaving coTrump Caught Lying HORRIBLY About Al-Baghdadi Raidrrections out" is not SOP.

Oct. 29

Impeachment Witness Says Transcript Of Trump-Zelenskiy Call Was Not Complete | The Last Word | MSNBC