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July 9, 2020

Sharpie Gate continues as Trump declares that, magically, it's safe to open schools. How he plans to draw a new reality with his words continues to mean more death and destruction for humanity and our planet. We have no focus on the real monster knawing on our world, rapidly increasing climate change.
If I survive Trump's virus, this time next month, I promise myself (remember these words), back to the real work, climate change reading and writing. How I miss The Warming Papers. I'm not fooling myself either. The Democrats won't go far enough, not nearly far enough or fast enough. They represent corporate capital, not the needs of the 7th Generation.

July 7, 2020
Back to the ice soon - -
Let's talk about Florida, beds, nurses, plans, and boxers.

Torturous brainstorming follows.
The out and out denial of the COVID-19 pandemic's lethality proves that we cannot trust governments.

The Trump administration and the Republican Party play the denial card as did the tobacco and fossil fuel industries. We need some direction, other than the typical commercial media analysis of shallow, short-term issues.

More, radical environmentalism without environmental ethics has no direction. By this coming September, the Arctic's thinning sea ice becomes a tipping point, in part. It may take another two years for total Arctic sea ice loss, but the proof will become an oscillating Arctic vortex, the jet stream.
We'll have that proof after September.

There's no putting Humpty Dumpty back together. We need intellectual developments in radical environmentalism by including environmental ethics in practice, and action.

To begin, what can we learn from Stephen Gardner's A Perfect Moral Storm, The Ethical Tragedy of Climate Change?
In this regard, what do we learn about the mass suspension of moral behavior from corporate capitalism?

How might Hayek's writings on capitalism and reification get to the point? We created this monster, and now the poles melt beyond restoration? Capital has no bounds, no moralityh, no soul. Add environmental ethics to Hayek's capital writing, and we may gain a new way to bring down lawless capital, Exxon, for one.

We cannot trust "progressive" or "socialists" either. In the short term, their enlarged welfare state benefits humanity, and in the long-term it means no future for the 7th Generation. Pollution and population growth may slow, but will continue as the human business of polluting and populating continue.

I like Hayek for clarity because he endorses strict, free enterprise capitalism, and he recognizes the roles of chance and necessity in capitalism's growth and oscillations. Likewise, he understands the part of chance, position, and timing in "success" stories. Most importantly, he acknowledges the reification of society, as did Thatcher.

I say that "I like Hayek," not that he has a solution to growing pollution and population. He shows us the mechanisms at work as well as our reified existence.

My point is that if conservatives understand the reification of society, they will surely realize how humanity reified "progress" at the expense of all else.

In September, we'll have more proof of the human damage to Earth as the Arctic Sea ice shrinks and thins to levels new to humanity's history. We have set the planet on a path that we cannot alter, and September will show us more proof of our negligence.

Over 5,600 fossil fuel companies have taken at least $3bn in US Covid-19 aid.
What should a radical environmentalist think of humanism?

HUMANISM: As I recall, Enlightenment "Humanism" was a significant step forward for humanity in the sense that reason and science became important, religion less so. But, humanism declares that humans make all the rules, place value on nature (including humans), and so forth. (Who else, of course) We are, after all, the reifying animal.

Conspiracy theories emerging over the past ten ears probe my point.

Thus, a radical environmentalist must remain wary of humanist notions and arguments. Humanism leads to devaluing nature, the wild, and extinction follows.

Some have asked, "Is socialism a humanism?" and some have asked, "Is humanism socialism"?
I suspect the first, not the second. With that said, how do we find humanism in Exxon's capitalist actions following its discovery of global warming caused by fossil fuels?. When a megacorporation deceives humanity for over a Generation, we see a massive flaw in a "capitalist humanism."

Then, there's Monsanto and Dupont. Yes, we find the will to power in a capitalist humanism, if this is not an oxymoron. Such a humanism kills nature softly but kills us all the same.
Capitalism and humanism seem to work in contradictory circles, then.

So, we must be wary of humanist socialism bent on growth, in any case. If humanism ensured a fatal flaw in its history, we find it an apology for growth economics and habitat destruction. Tons of humanist documents back up my claim, while others do otherwise. We know at least that humanism beats spiritualism and superstitions in the middle ages, but not by so much in current history—humanism contributes to human arrogance, hubris, in capital letters.

More, intergenerational moral corruption in humanist led societies guarantees mass extinctions. We have more than enough evidence to prove this point.

Side note:
June bug news: Another June bug corpse appeared on the garage floor yesterday, a long way from outdoor light. In any case, it's number five for the year.

JULY 6, 2020

Over 5,600 fossil fuel companies have taken at least $3bnh in US Covid-19 aid

Republican Senator called out for slamming Obama for TWO Ebola deaths while Trump has 130,000

The extent of the human contribution to modern global warming is a hotly debated topic in political circles, particularly in the US.

July 4, 2020

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July 2, 2020

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Again four June bugs this summer.

Will I ever get back to my Killer Oceans' reading and writing? Example:

Ex-FBI deputy director: Here's what briefing Trump is like

More, yesterday my Youtube channels need a thinning out, so Climate Damage became a going concern. Now, I 'm really spread thin!

July 1, 2020

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June Bug Note: Last year I noted that the June bug count for my premises reached fewer than 30 for June 2019. This year, I've seen two (number "2" on this date), and I'm told that at least two others were seen on my premises. Basically, they're gone. How could this happen in my short lifetime? What could possibly be going on in our Killer Oceans?