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Killer Oceans Blog, January 2020

2019 Second Warmest Year on Record
2.07 Fherenheit (1.15C) above pre-industrial
average (1880-1900) NASA and NOAA

NASA Climate Change Simulation of Surface Air Temperature

NASA Climate Kids - CO2 Animated Measures - Sceptical Science

Carbon Brienf -

Katharine Hayhoe Tweeted: "Our 600 page climate report in one tweet:
It's real; It's us; It's serious; And the window of time to prevent
dangerous impacts is closing fast"
There's no jobs on a dead planet.

How is life in the sea affected by climate change? - Special Report on the Ocean and Cryosphere
in a Changing Climate (PDF)

Preamble - - We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defence, promote the general Welfare (emphasis added - Killer Oceans webmaster ), and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America. Convention, Delegates of the Constitutional. The Constitution of the United States  (The framers of this document foresaw neoliberalism and those that follow in its path.)

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January 31, 2019

Extinction Dialogues: Run for President

For my mental health, which needs all the help it can get these days, I start to understand why extinction ramps up along with an increasingly increasing CO2 ppm, I begin with this tautology, "The ideas of the ruling class are the ruling ideas, and the ruling ideas are the ideas of the ruling class." Then, I remind myself of dogmatism's errors at its start, so I loosen up my approach to understanding the end of civilization for all to see.
I ask, "who controls the sources and means of mass communication?"
My most common finding on this account, commercial and oligarch forces of both information, deception, denial, and manipulation, control mass communication, the "media." The phrase, social control fits nicely here.
"What intentions and goals mark these powers off from other controls driving to extinction? My answer, usually, self-preservation, growth, and control of their future.
Hence, media behaves like biological organisms and growth economics, grow or die.
This approach to understanding the mass extinction perpetrated during the Anthropocene helps get me through my day. It does not please; it does help to understand how the unthinkable became prevalent, yet ignored by humanity.
Heres a note on my 2019 June bug count: 22, mostly dead or dying. Some 40 years ago, I found this many on any given June day. Monarchs and other butterflies remain scarce as well. Extinction continues to ramp up. posted on Extinction Rebellion

Thom Hartman gives us a look at history we seldom find in media, and few of us remember it. This is so important: When Did Tyranny Begin In America?

The state of global biodiversity — it’s worse than you probably think, which leads me to ask, Can we be humans once again?


U.S. Drinking Water Widely Contaminated With ‘Forever Chemicals,’ Watchdog Says; "The White House and the EPA had tried to stop the report from being published." - - But wait, TRUMP FINALIZES PLAN TO POISON 60% OF NATION’S WATERWAYS

SpaceX Starship Moon Landing
7 hours ago
"Imagine it crashes because someone forget to press Z on time."

Expect the unexpected, and it will come from the simplest combination of acts or ideas, or both. It's not foreseeable because this type of "accident" remains hidden by the complexity of the technology and its mission. It's not foreseeable at the moment, but will be obvious after the fact. It's a form of reversed serendipity, I suppose. Philosophers remain to work it out before the fact, and have yet to combine the needed steps in logic, thinking, and technology. Your simple action hints at what's coming, sadly. Murphy's law remains opperative on the Moon as well as Earth and Mars - - Wish I could go. We learn this way, though. Cheers!

Speed of Climate Change. The Facts You Wish Weren't True - Jeremy Rifkin comments on methane, and sudden climate chage - -

I can't let this article slip buy into the neitherworld of the ethernet. I'll make a deal out of it for YouTube at least. Possibly someone from the next generation will find it and spread the word. Politicians cannot be trusted to protect our planet. What will the Trumpists and other cement heads say when mother's milk contains Monsanto?   Trump erodes water protections - - Too much nonsense going on to get to the real work about the cryospere and oceans. Neoliberalism eats away at time as well as following the dismantling of protecting mother's milk from Trumpism and cement heads. Wetland on the choping block, again, means great biodiversity loss.

How the oil industry has spent billions to control the climate change conversation

Never forget that Trump killed an important ally in the fight against ISIS. Ex-US intel officer: Pompeo 'lying through his teeth' on Iran. No differece to Jack Devine. "Any time a government official tells you that they 'cannot tell you because of sources and methods,' they are lying throught their teeth." Scott Ritter -- former UN Weapons Inspector, former Marine Corps Intelligence Officer, and author of "Dealbreaker: Donald Trump and the Unmaking of the Iran Nuclear Deal." We killed the one man who could have brought peace to the Middle East.

Breaking: 162 Billionaires Have Same Wealth As Half Of Humanity

- - With great wealth comes great power.

The Gulf Stream ("heat pump") Explained - - There could be measurable slowing as of now, but it's too early to say how much, if any. it's something to watch because it's definitely a "response" to global warming, not a global warming forcer like greenhouse gases. By 2100 it could mean famine and war because of starvation in Africa and Europe. More ocean water moves in this "stream" (thermohaline cirulation) moves more water than all of Earth's rivers combined.

How Arctic Ocean Blue Ocean State Will Crush Humanity Like a Bug: Part 1 of 3

Operation Earth: Wildfires

2019 Was the Second Hottest Year on Record - NASA

Global Temperature Anomalies from 1880 to 2019

January 12, 2020

We may increase global warming risks by adding a 25-year leap toward catastrophic climate change. Here's how. (video)
Arctic sea ice reflects sunlight into space. We call this reflective power "albedo" (white from Latin). As global warming ramps up from greenhouse gas emissions, carbon dioxide, and methane, less and less Arctic sea ice appears over the Arctic sea. The Arctic sea becomes warmer as a result.

As Warmer seawater melts sea ice more quickly, warmer air then rises and influences weather patterns over the Earth to various degrees. The polar vortex begins to oscillate radically, wobbling and sending freezing Arctic air south into North America, for instance. Weather patterns change in other ways. So the consequences of an exposed Arctic sea to solar radiation are dire in the short-term and long-term.

NASA's satellite images and researchers on the ground show an increasingly increasing summer ice melt of the Arctic sea ice. So, to save the Arctic sea ice requires reducing global greenhouse emissions quickly.

Fast mitigation may still avoid complete loss of sea ice - - Research Highlight: Loss of Arctic's Reflective Sea Ice Will Advance Global Warming by 25 Years - - This means a huge advance in global warming will occur rapidly, if the article's authors hit the mark. More to follow. Meanwhile, keep Paul Beckwith's video in mind for this finding.


January 7, 2020

Australia as the Chernobyl of the Climate Crisis - - slideshow

The Australian bushfires may be the "Chernobyl" of climate crisis - the event that makes our current system untenable

Methane in the Climate System: Monitoring Emissions from Satellites

Australia: A Continent on Fire - Ian Masters Interview-


Essay - - Reifying Nature (Slide Show)

"The Dream that humanity is unable to wake up from" (Thanks to Black Bear News for making this available)"

This is an excellent article and notes a Zen idea: "The mind is a prison." Perceptions and socialization construct our prison walls. Like, we can't think beyond our worldview, our ideological baggage, but for science.

Our language traps us.

It's noteworthy that we were "reified," thingify for others' reality from birth. Like when I was born, I got a blue blanket, and my sisters got pink blankets while in the hospital. A consensus grew among and between our parents and hospital staff; boys were blue blankets, and girls were pink blankets.

Our blankets helped to reify us as infants, and our names reified us. People choose to use our names and find a consensus relating to characters and bodies. "Fast Eddie," "Silly Salley," and "Dizzy Dean" become our public personas.

Our use of the calendar and time of day arise by consensus; we learn to reify nature's passing, a choice by consensus. Try ignoring the passing of "time." We soon become "crazy," homeless. We reified our realities, then. Zen masters know.

More, Margaret Thatcher noted that "society is not a real thing," which is to say that society is a reification. She helped to reify an ideology by doing so. She knew.

The new neoliberalism, in part, holds the same opinion, and neoliberals use this approach to justify killing the welfare state. 'It's a reification," after all.

For the evangelicals and neoliberals, at times, the only thing that matters is the family and economy, free enterprise - - capitalism.

Now, what the Zen masters agree, we place ourselves in society by choosing to accept a consensus, which is to say that we want to believe in labels. So we agree with a consensus for time, self, family, government, and society. When we mislabel one, we alter our everyday existence.

Consequently, we decide to be who we are because the "mind is a prison," and to escape our mind's confinement alienates us, separates us from others, society at times. We unveil our reification of ourselves, others, and community and sometimes become targets for persecution like climate science became a target for fossil fuel deception.

In the case of Trump and fossil fuel corporations, all cement heads, wild nature is an instrumental value, a tool, a commodity. Trump, they agree upon this notion, their reification of creation itself. We can understand them in this way of thinking.

Also, they choose to go along with the idea of a "society" so long as it benefits them, like the military draft, for example.

I'm just thinking out loud here. I refer back to our "choice" to belong to "society" as I dream my reality, a nightmare as it unfolds in these days of madness. I'll post this to my blog. I had an itch and needed to scratch it by writing about the article, about a nightmare that humanity we may no longer awaken. I must note, the last article I saw before writing these words told a story about Australia's """firestorms." I needed to scratch harder and ended up posting a slideshow on YouTube.


Trump Spills Military Secrets At Mar-a-Lago Party

The sad truth about our boldest climate target



C02 rising at 3-4ppm over year ago? We are now only 2ppm under the high of 415.7 in late May of last year. January 4 from Mauna Loa 413.62ppm (a year earlier 410.03ppm. If this rate continues all hell will emerge by the mid 202's= perhaps sooner. The American public is still very divided on race, and stung by the effects of globalization to do much about this growing crisis. A turning point would be a dust bowl of unrelenting proportions in the agricultural belts of the great plains, massive fires throughout the west. Another would be multiple hurricanes striking Florida and the east coast. Another would be months of summer in the US of 100 degrees from New York south and west. Sudden rise in sea levels, sudden rapid decline in arctic sea ice and increased sea level rise and permafrost melt would be a tipping point. It seems the big question is whether Americans are willing to give p their habit of consumption even with these horrible events happening. If it becomes so bad that their families and local towns/cities begin to call martial law, ration food, see invasive species invade their locality they may finally vote out every congress person democrat or republican who has failed to take the action needed. Climate sensitivity appears to be higher then expected to C02- the new Cmip 6 climate models in their initial runs are much warmer- anywhere from 0.4-0.9 C. If these models turn out to me right- we have even less time then thought.
Carbon Brienf -

Washington Post:

Earth's temperature likely marks hottest decade on record - report

Propaganda: Horrific article from FOX: "End climate change zealotry - rancor prevents progress on real issues "


Reviving the World's Reefs


What's happening to Greenland's most enigmatic glacier? Potholder 54 (Youtube) Learn about glacier behavior, like how the Peterman glacier on Greenland differs from mountain glaciers.



10 Oldest Trees in the World

ow President Donald Trump Hid His School Transcripts | Hardball | MSNBC


 Trump erodes water protections

Trump STRUGGLED to Read Constitution, Was "Like Foreign Language"

Australian bushfires reveal ancient aquatic system older than the pyramid

Arctic Sea-Ice Loss and Literal Darkening of the Arctic Causing Warming Amplification: Part 1 of 2

15 Delightful facts about Dolphins



Investigations Uncover Gangs and Millionaire Profits Behind Deforestation - The Rio Times

Speed of Climate Change. The Facts You Wish Weren't True

UN Biodiversity Chief Humans Risk Living in an 'Empty World'

What's really driving the bush fires down under?

The Reason Fossil Fuel Companies Are Finally Reckoning With Climate Change

Global Transport of Smoke from Australian Bushfires - NASA

Pumped Dry: The Global Crisis of Vanishing Groundwater | USA TODAY

Climate change in the 2020s: What impacts to expect

Can Planting Billions Of Trees Halt Climate Change?

How to green the world's deserts and reverse climate change | Allan Savory



Schumer: Trump's Defense Team 'Can't Directly Address The Issues' | MSNBC

What Does Audio Of Trump Seeming To Order Yovanovitch's Firing Change? | The 11th Hour | MSNBC
Schiff humiliates Trump's legal team by debunking EVERY lie they told at the trial

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Trump's Self-Image Takes Precedence In White House Business: Book | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC

Ukraine Announces Investigation, But Not The One Trump Wanted

FBI: FBI Whitewashes HORRID MLK Treatment

Trump Accused Of “Selling” U.S. Troops To Foreign Countries

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Trump: It Doesn't Matter If I Lie to You

Dems Drop New Evidence Tightening Trump's Link To Lev Parnas | The 11th Hour | MSNBC

Trump’s impeachment lawyer makes huge mistake while defending him on air

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BOMBSHELL: Giuliani associate sinks Trump, Pence, Barr, Nunes on national TV

Trump Sent Goons After Marie Yovanovitch

Top U.S. & World Headlines — January 15, 2020

The president of the US makes up lies to have a better lie than the previous lie he used to coverup corruption: ‘This Lie Is Most Unforgivable:’ Chris Murphy On White House Deception About Iran | All In | MSNBC

Full interview: Bernie Sanders meets with the Register's editorial board (12.6.19)

Protest calls for Australian prime minister Scott Morrison to be sacked over a ‘lack of action’ on climate change as out-of-control bushfires burn

Unredacted Emails Reveal Pentagon’s Legal Concerns Over Ukraine Aid Freeze | Deadline | MSNBC


Propaganda: Horrific article from FOX:

A foil, perhaps, I sumbit this blog comment.

I contend that political oligarch news outlets move toward accepting the new climate change as fact, and for public consumption. I also argue that they will slowly alter discussions to deflect from their complicity to cause climate deception and climate denial. The Fox article appears to prove my contention. Walking away from the essay, propaganda, I can only ask, "so what?".

I give the author credit for understanding the hazards of deforestation. I note that the author ignores old-growth forest deforestation, ecologically, an intergenerational mortal sin.

Note the title "climate change" and switch to deforestation and air "pollution."

Reading this article, a reader comes away with an essay that confuses deforestation with the new climate change. The two are not mutually exclusive, but which came first, deforestation or the new, human-caused climate change?

Coming away from this propaganda, I ask, "How can a responsible person become too 'zealous' in the fight against the new climate change. How does one become too 'zealous' in protecting the next generation from nuclear war, from mercury poisoned mothers' milk, for one example?

The writer implies a type of "climate bigotry" as in racism while pointing to deforestation as a polluting agent. So what? Deforestation both pollutes and destroys CO2 sequestering photosynthesis. Deforestation also destroys precious biological diversity, something we in North America know all too well. So, where's the new climate change in deforestation, relative to fossil fuel burning and modern agriculture?

Meanwhile, the writer ignores the fossil fuel industry and government tobacco strategy, to cause doubt in the role of burning fossil fuels in the new climate change.

Deforestation has a history going back to Aristotle. It has little if any scientific basis in today's climate change analysis of proxy evidence, ice core and coral reef samples, for instance. Yes, deforestation pollutes the air, the atmosphere, leading to global dimming, in part. Still, soot from Aristotle's days no longer plays a part in global dimming, and CO2 emitted by humans over 2,000 years ago plays little role in today's 410 plus CO2 atmospheric density discussion. More, If any measurable amount remains, it's circulating deep in the global ocean.

The article has nothing to say about CO2's atmospheric density, none. A misleading article, it continues to obfuscate and cast doubt on the primary sources of the new climate change, fossil fuel combustion, not to ignore agriculture. Neither do we read a word about the fossil fuel industry's role in climate deception as reflected in the climate deception dossiers, nor a word about burning coal. Not not a word about government and corporate collusion to invoke the tobacco strategy, "cause doubt" appears.

The article reflects propaganda in its classic form. If a climate zealot, I remain so with emphasis. Eddie Evans, Killer Oceans




How will the Mars 2020 rover try to find past life on Mars? (March 2020 liftoff). This could be huge. It's definitely exciting. How NASA’s Rover Team Reimagined Mars 2020



Life on board an O'neill Cylinder

Life on board an O'neill Cylinder

Rammed Earth : You won’t Believe How They Build This!

This New Tech Could Revolutionize How We Store Renewable Energy

This Record-Breaking 3D Printer Could Be the Future of Manufacturing