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— gavin @ 15 January 2020

The climate summaries for 2019 are all now out. None of this will be a surprise to anyone who’s been paying attention, but the results are stark." (emphasis added, ed) Kneeling curve graphic

February 29, 2020

What a lousy month.

Killer oceans February blog comment, 2 AM: the month for killer oceans blog comments closes as a disaster. Little to no work completed on IPCC cryosphere comments. I write to remind myself. I ignored studying the increasing rate of carbon dioxide's atmospheric density and wasted too much time on the stupid political posturing of the corporate parties.

The month closes out with a new virus, coronavirus, causing a ruckus worldwide. Somehow world governments miss the obvious: continue decimating wilderness areas, and you will continue to unveil ancient viruses and bacteria in existence long before humanity's arrival on this planet. We have no natural immunity to the primal life forms.
A side note: I see Fox "news" continues to confuse climate and weather. God help us.

Science can only do so much, and when the United States government is at war with science, expect superstition and magical thinking to replace evidence-based science with peer-review.

U.S. Braces For More Coronavirus Cases | Velshi & Ruhle | MBernie RIPS Pence: He Wanted to "Pray Away" HIV; New GOP Conspiracy Blames Coronavirus On Deep State; Bloomberg BRIBES Superdelegate; John King calls Trump Jr's coronavirus claim 'fearmongering'; President Donald Trump: Coronavirus Will Disappear One Day 'Like A Miracle' | Deadline | MSNBC; Trump Dissembling, Mixed Messages Hurt U.S. Coronavirus Response | Rachel Maddow | MSNBCNew NOAA.

What's missing from today's conversation? The two most enormous monsters on Earth, human-caused global warming, and human population growth. Both corporate parties ignore the population in total. The Democrats have mentioned worldwide warming and quickly move on to other subjects, which are irrelevant in the long term. There are no jobs on a dead planet.

Killer Oceans' blog will continue in March, but I'm not making any more promises to myself; yet, ignore my blogs means relying on other's blogs. I must have my own words documenting the insanity. The insanity in Washington tells me that climate deception climate denial by the Republican Party, as directed by fossil fuel corporations and oligarchs, ran out the clock for the seventh generation.
The 1990s was probably the decade of significant decision-making. Again, and again I remind myself, it's too late. "Get over it." I'll stand by these comments. I write on to March for better health for Killer Oceans blog and myself. Humanity continues its blind dance as it slides toward oblivion, and I refuse to join the ignorance. It could be worse. Look at the toddlers and think of what's coming for them. (I make a note: the corporate state keeps its draft registration while fighting against enhancing the welfare state.)

At least I won't have the mental baggage carried by James Hansen and other scientists. Their mental health must be on the razor's edge by now.


February 25, 2020

JP Morgan warns of end to human life in climate report - - An explosive new report sees economists at the bank calling for a global carbon tax.

Can Supercrops Feed 10 BILLION People? - - Norman Borlaugh - no

I should be reading and writing about the new climate change and its mitigation, but here I am reading and writing about Trump's tyranny: Tyranny Oregon Republicans Disappear for Another Climate Vote - - And this is AntArctica: An Antarctica heat wave melted 20% of an island's snow in 9 days Antarctica experienced its hottest day on record earlier this month, peaking at 64.9 degrees Fahrenheit. Los Angeles measured the same temperature that day,
NASA said."

Yes, and it would not matter. The damage is done. We're dealing with tyranny in the age of the new climate change, and this idiot attacks someone who is ready to reduce CO2 emissions.

On TYT: Matthews is a pig. Fu## him! And I'm not all that hot on Bernie. Yes, he's a climate fighter, but he's not a climate warrior. He's prepared to leverage the war on climate change to enhance the size and depth of the welfare state, another form of intergenerational moral corruption. And sadly, he's the best we've got to start a war on the new climate change, which is too little too late.

February 22, 2020

Finding focus again: March will have What happened before 1850? as a focal point with a nod to the Tyranny issue.

Added a Deep Ecology page, which should have been on Killer Oceans the first day.

Must see - - Adam Schiff was right, Trump would only grow more embolden, worse. For an elitest fund raiser in Trump's name, couples paid $500,000 for a place in Trump's presence, a place to milk the US taxpayers. What this means for increasing ocean toxicty we can only guess; what it means for global warming, we only know too well, more of the same at increasingly increasing rates. Maddow: Time For Warnings Is Past As Trump Openly Abuses Power | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC

February 21, 2020

Looking at Tom Smuts "Global Warming and Climate Chage" for needed essay. The IPCC Cryosphere work will remain in the background. The Trump administration continues to ramp up its war on science, which now includes cutting the CDS's budget. Meanwhile, indications point to another Puttin attack on US elections while Trump finds new ways to derail reason in government, top to bottom. Working paper on climate change.

Global Warming and Climate Change Part 1

February 9, 2020

I have some of your videos here on climate deception, including Oreskes. My quest began around five years ago when I heard about the Climate Deception Dossiers while listening to the radio (LA, KPFK). I went to the Union for Concerned Scientists and began studying the dossiers and flipped out. For about six weeks, my mind was twisting because of the confusion created by the Dossiers.

The FFI (fossil fuel industry) was coaxing PR people to "cause doubt," like the tobacco industry. I then bought the domain name, ClimateDeception.Net, put it up (it's still up by not well maintained). I place real estate signs on my vehicle advertising: ClimateDeception.Net, What They Knew, When They Knew. Then, I discovered YouTube when I heard Thom Hartman interviewing a representative from the Union for Concerned Scientists about the Climate Deception Dossiers.

So, I got into copying YouTube stuff and started this channel. I then placed that Hartman video on my website. I own six such web sites now but only use three because of the time and cost. I do need to focus, so when you commented, I was already there. But Trump has thrown a monkey wrench into my plans, and I cannot ignore what's going on. Otherwise, I'd be a climate deception guru by now. Thanks for the comments. Reinforcement is important. Cheers!

Socializing eyeglasses is not "socialism."

I once wrote on Killer Oceans' blog that the writer writes because he/she has something to say, paraphrasing Sartre. I also wrote that I wanted to write only about climate science history, climate science, and oceanography involving ocean physics and ocean chemistry. Still, I cannot ignore politics because my future grows more threatened by neoliberalism and Trump (not a neoliberal, but an unhinged non sequitur.)

Now, we perceive our environment with our eyes much of the time, not to mention our reading environment - - you are what you read.

It seems reasonable that socializing the cost of eyeglasses makes sense if we expect people to protect their environment for future generations, dispite Trump-like politicians (Trump's out to kill the EPA).

Easily, if NASA can put the Hubble into space to gaze at solar systems millions of years away, we ought to make eyeglasses affordable. Get this, I paid over $420 for a pair of eyeglasses, and this did not count toward the eye exam. At the time, I had insurance that covered $200 of the eyeglasses, and I paid the rest. That's not the point, though. If we cannot easily socialize anything else, the humanitarian, humane thing to do is socialize the cost of eyeglasses, for crying out loud.

The first telescope grinder also ground eyeglasses, which began in 1610! Get my drift? Hans Lippershey gets credit for the first telescope, we read in the history of science, and Galileo also gets the credit. He improved the design and used it for astronomy, a field the Kepler followed by inventing compound lenses. Telescope on the Hubble and spacecraft use similar devices to study climate on Venus, Mars, and Titan as well as Earth.

So for over four hundred years, the human species shared the knowledge for grinding eye-enhancing technologies. So when does enough become enough to make eyeglasses cheap like hand-held calculators? What's the problem when it comes to medical science and medical technology. Stingy?

"The development of the first eyeglasses took place in Northern Italy in the second half of the 13th century." Wikipedia
I'm not writing about socialism. I'm writing about a humane society that watches out for the general welfare of its population, as indicated by the preamble to the US Constitution, whatever the cement heads say about the "general welfare." And don't let me get biblical, because the baby Jesus preached the Sermon on The Mount and Proverbs points out the sin of usury. What else can we say, think? For crying out loud, prescription eyeglasses now consist of mass-produced pieces of plastic not so different than children's toys.
We need glasses to read about the terrible things politicians continue to do to this planet. We cannot allow politicians and corporations to poison Greta's generation any more than they've already poisoned the atmosphere, oceans, and land.

Summary of Carbon Dioxide

Here's a very useful summary of where we're at with carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases, as well as carbon sink losses worldwide: Blue Carbon. An invisible time bomb.

For anyone paying attention, we've screwed Greta's generation, big time. And by the way, "Just Have a Think" is the best video maker that I can find. It's just excellent!


Nature Bats Last: Edge of Extinction: Amazon Tipping Point? - - Amazon tipping point: Last chance for action

THE EARTH AS MODIFIED BY HUMAN ACTION. Marsh, George , 1868 "The influence of the forests on the chemical composition of the
atmosphere is, in a word, of the highest importance." Marsh quoting Les Arbres, p.111
Thanks for sharing the link to this article. Although it nearly brings tears to this old man's eyes and chokes me up, I feel that it's important to know. I now look to small groups of humans in front of stores, on highways, and look for those signs indicating those self-centered flaws in our species that lead to global warming denial. A side note, I recall a cross country trip and listening to that idiot, Limbaugh. He told his audience, and to paraphrase, that " Costa Rica's rainforest are a waste and should be cleared." Limbaugh remained popular in spite of inane comments like this, which, of course, represent total nonsense, humbris, and anthropocentrism of the worst sort. We leave Greta's generation little time, if any. Eddie Evans - KillerOceans.Com (posted)


February 6, 2020

How is Arctic Warming linked to the Polar Vortex and Extreme Weather?

Climate change driving ‘rapid and widespread’ decline of bumblebees


Added Ocean Deoxygenation video to Ocean Oxygen Loss: Our Ocean's Oxygen Supply & Demand Issue to Ocean Oxygen Loss page.

February 5, 2019

Draft dodger president now controls the US political system. Future generations need a Congress filled with scientists who rely on evidence (fact) based science with peer review, instead of lawyers bowing to Mammon.

Now, the US, officially, now ranks as a third-world nation. What would Berry Godwater and William F. Buckley say? Romney turns out with a high character, giving some power to the comment, mayber there's something tot he Mormon stuff:

February 1, 2019

January proved the obvious, the US brand of liberal democracy will not protect future generations from worldwide genocide.

In February, I'm back to why blog. Mostly, I blog to document the madness so I know where to find something of my past thoughts. As before, it's not something I care to write, but facts need a sheltered place in this growing war on science and facts.

I cannot ignore the war on science or the war on wild nature. Rainforests around the world burn as I write these lines.

Climate science, academic, government, and corporate (Exxon, Shell, BP) told us decads ago what we were doing. Now the proof burns itself into wild nature: Why Australia is on fire.

So in February, I will document previous and current madness as it emanates from the White House of the United States.


Sharpie-gate gives the world, and history, a look into Trump's simple mind, that putrid intellect representing the USA. I use the term "intellect" with some caution. Trump's manipulation of truth, facts, and science should remind us of the Nazi state's manipulation of truth, facts, and science. I'm just waiting to hear 19th-century theories of race and racism come out of his mouth.
So, these days, it's not easy to keep politics out of science, considering the nature of Trump's assessment of climate science, "a hoax."

Misusing the presidency, abusing science, we now have emails showing how Trump roiled NOAA during Hurricane Dorian - - This event, alone, should have warned us that Trump lied about the Ukraine affair from day one, his "perfect call." He's out making mischief with his power to benefit himself, and he will not stop."


  • Climate_Report
    Trump did his best to hide this report by having it released on Black Friday, the day American lose their minds and "shop and shop until they drop."


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Here's an important video interview with Timothy Snyder, autor of On Tyranny, Twenty Lessons from the Twentieth Century: Is the U.S. Headed Towards Tyranny? Timothy Snyder Discusses | Amanpour and Company - - How can we help following generations cope with the new climate change with a draft-dodging, climate denier in the White House promoting tyranny? I'm struck by Adam Schiff's warning about what Trump would do following his impeachment. It's stunning how he summed up Trump's anticipated behavior.

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Must see - - Adam Schifft was right, Trump would only grow more embolden, worse. For an elitest fund raiser in Trump's name, couples paid $500,000 for a place in Trump's presence, a place to milk the US taxpayers. What this means for Killer Oceans' increasing toxicty we can only guess; what it means for global warming, we only know too well, more of the same at increasingly increasing rates. Maddow: Time For Warnings Is Past As Trump Openly Abuses Power | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC


Trump now restricts congressional access to vital intelligence relating to Russia and elections. This means autocracy: A 'Virtual Decapitation' Of the Intel Community | Morning Joe | MSNBC - - Autocracy defined: government in which one person has uncontrolled or unlimited authority over others; the government or power of an absolute monarch.

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GOP gave Trump a blank check to do his own thing as the US slides toward a 1930s-style Germany, and the lowest common denominator politics as witnessed on the Trum State of the Union. Historian: With Impeachment Acquittal, the GOP Has Given Trump a Blank Check to Do Anything He Wants - =- Meanwhile, ocean warming, ocean acidification, and ocean deoxygenation increase parallel with climate deception. The rule of law acidifies like the oceans.

Historian: With Impeachment Acquittal, the GOP Has Given Trump a Blank Check to Do Anything He Wants

Historian: With Impeachment Acquittal, the GOP Has Given Trump a Blank Check to Do Anything He Wants

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