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Google Busted Pouring Money Into Climate Deniers & US Chamber Shifts More Money To Corporate Dems

Why We Can’t Just #PlantATree


December 27, 2019

Added Cryosphere
UN climate talks end with hard feelings,
few results and new doubts about global unity

December 24, 2019

 Nationwide Bushfires Block Access to Nearly Every Major City Across Australia - Nationwide Bushfires Block Access to Nearly Every Major City Across Australia


December 21, 2019



A History of Earth's Climate

The Gulf Stream Explained

Global Warming - with piano

How Neoliberalism Threatens Democracy - - "It used to be said that capitalism gained its legitimacy by being governed by democracy, but not more." - - Neoliberalism explained - -

10 Industries Elon Musk and Tesla Will Destroy

Conservative Hates Liberals For Everything GOP Has Done

Globalization and Neoliberalism

Pros and cons of neoliberalism

Things to do: Popularize video, Smoke and Fumes

Added essay index (underconstruction)

Began essay: The Anthropocene, State, Society, and Capitalism

How can we add a strong prophylaxes between the "Green New Deal," Washington D.C. "conservatives," and the necessity for a hands-off global warming program? Some mention something like the Manhatten Project of World War II, which appears too small for the 7th Generation, considering the rate of fossil fuel burning increases and CO2 density acceleration.

The White House actions to reduce and destroy social security and medicare prove the necessity of a strong prophylaxes between a real world warming reduction project and pork barrel politics from the deal or the conservative attack on society, the welfare-state, that is.

FLASH!!! Profoundly immoral: Christianity Today asserts Trump
"should be removed office"

December Essays:

Added Arctic Ocean warming page with IPCC ("high confidence") summary warnings - - Video

Risks and Adaption (IPCC)

Tipped: Permafrost feedback-looped tipped

Donald Trump: Between populist rhetoric and plutocratic rule

How the rich plan to rule a burning planet

cientists Warning at Foresight Group

Added comments on computers modeling for Arcti Ocean, natural variation, global warming, and ice melt.

Methane, Oceans & Oxygen What is the current news all about? Is the Earth's Freezer Broken? Environmental Coffeehouse - Things are speeding up -

- What a 'sobering' report on Arctic ice loss means for global sea levels

What is Ocean Deoxygenation?

Ocean deoxygenation refers to the loss of oxygen from the oceans due to climate change (Keeling et al. 2010). Long-term ocean monitoring shows that oxygen concentrations in the ocean have declined during the 20th century, and the new IPCC 5th Assessment Report (AR5 WG1) predicts that they will decrease by 3-6% during the 21st century in response to surface warming. While 3-6% doesn’t seem like much, this decrease will be felt acutely in hypoxic and suboxic areas, where oxygen is already limiting. “Hypoxic” areas are defined as regions where oxygen limitation is detrimental to most organisms. See Ocean Oxygen Loss for more and growing information on Ocean Oxygen Loss. "The warmer the water, the less gas it can take up. "

A Solar Minimum Due?

"Calculations by such as Stefan Rahmstorf conclude that a GSM may have a cooling offset to current temperatures by up to a maximum of 0.3°C. However, any such cooling effect is likely to be negated by increasing atmospheric greenhouse gas accumulations driving up global mean temperatures to more than offset any such cooling. (Current estimates of global warming of 0.1°C per decade look woeful underestimates)"

BLACK BEAR NEWS - We Are Desperate For Any Sign Of Hope

IPCC Summaries

Global ocean acidification, ocean oxygen loss, and ocean warming have their own pages now. These are new draft pages and summarize IPCC Ocean and Cryosphere documents. Other sources may find places on these pages with time. Otherwise, these pages represent a long-term summarization of IPCC pages, which may include historical looks at the early summaries of human impact on our planet.

Added Ocean Oxygen Loss page for growing IPCC summarizing.

"Oceans and their pastures have long kept this planet cool in the same way that forests keep the planet cool! . . . . Plant life in the world’s oceans has become less productive since the early 1980s, absorbing less carbon, which may in turn impact the Earth’s carbon cycle, according to a study that combines NASA satellite data with NOAA surface observations of marine plants. Russ George


Climate Refugees: Climate-Fueled Drought, Sea Level Rise, Storms & Fires Displace Millions Worldwide


Real Climate,

December 11. 2019

BLACK BEAR NEWS - Arctic In Dire Straits

Seventy pecent of North Atlantic photosynthesis is down.


Marine life threatened as oceans lose oxygen due to climate change - report ("Sustainable developmen)t, an oxymoron.)

- draft and growing

Global Warming first advocate pass on. "The climate is like and angry beast, and we're poking it with a stick."

Trump Isn't a Climate Denier, He's Worse

December 7, 2019

The developing world has hit the brakes on clean energy

More Growth = Collapse



Why climate change is an irrelevance, economic growth is a myth and sustainability

December 1, 2019

Climate Gate: Many people are weighing in on the 10 year anniversary of ‘Climategate

"A consensus is usually established when one explanation is more convincing than alternative accounts, convincing the majority. This is also true in science. However, science-based knowledge is also our best description of our world because it is built on testing hypotheses that are independently reexamined by colleagues." Real Climate,

Climate Denial and Climate Deception - It's a big bummer when scientists must view Youtube videos to filter out the Koch and corporporate climate deception videos. We watch long YouTube videos so you don’t have to.

Apple Cider Vinegar Morning Drink | Anti-inflammatory Power Drink

Earth's temperature likely marks hottest decade on record - report


Science Links

How NASA Built the Fastest Spacecraft Ever

Is the Cure for Superbugs Hiding Deep Under the Earth?


Postcard From Kyiv: Trump Ukraine Controversy Raises New Fear Over Russia's Aggression | NBC News

New Evidence Shows Fears About Legality Of Trump Ukraine Scheme | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC

NRA Collapsing Under Scandal, Criminal Investigation | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC


‘This Is What We Call a Clue’: New Docs Show WH Halted Ukraine Aid Less Than Two Hours After Trump’s ‘Perfect’ Call

Fox host calls out Trump IN REAL-TIME for lying about the IG report



A gas blowout in Ohio released more methane than many countries do in a year

The wild relatives of major vegetables, needed for climate resilience, are in danger

The Most Extreme Fires We’ve Ever Seen”: Record Climate-Fueled Wildfires Engulf Australia in Smoke

Why the U.S. Army Guarded the 23 Remaining American Buffalo (4K)

This Ingenious System Brings Water to the Chinese Desert

Chernobyl's Massive Radiation Shield Is Preventing Nuclear Fallout

Technology (Technology will not save us from ourselves, but it's nice to have around when appropriate for the future prospects of the 7th Generation.)

Our Boring Tunnel Future - Part 1 - Will tunnel boring help reduce the human encroachment into the wild, or will it aid encroachment into the wild and destruction of precious habitat?

The world's first 3D-printed community is officially under construction

10 Industries Elon Musk and Tesla Will Destroy

Scientists find cheaper way to make hydrogen energy out of water - - Never forget the potential for the perpetual motion machine to destroy wild habitat.

Videos - Political - Environmental

Greta Thunberg Slams COP25, Says Response to Climate Crisis Is “Clever Accounting and Creative PR”



Excellent Building Bedroom Floor With Wood & How To Install Wooden Floors Step By Step

Special Report on the Ocean and Cryosphere in a Changing Climate (PDF)


Readers new to the recent IPCC findings on our global ocean will blow their minds.

Here and on following pages I give full quotes and starkly brief interpretations.

Changing Ocean, Marine Ecosystems, and Dependent Communities

The working group structured their chapter around three guiding questions:

  • "What are the key changes in the physical and biochemical properties of the ocean?
  • How have these changes impacted key ecosystems, risked ecosystem services and human well-being?
  • Are the effective pathways for adaption of nature-based solutions to risk reduction suitable for independent communities?"

IPCC Working Group Comments on Earth's Global Ocean This is a working paper, a draft, of the IPCC's comments. I'll probably place it on YouTube as a robotic reading. My comments bounce in and out and I apologise for not fully quoting for now.)

The IPCC working group 2 concluded that changes in the ocean such as warming, and certification in the oxidization refectory marine life molecular processes organisms and ecosystems, with impacts on the use of marine systems by human societies.

IPCC special report on the impacts of global warming are 1.5°C above preindustrial levels and related global greenhouse gas submission pathways also concluded that reducing these risks by limiting warning to 1.5°C above preindustrial levels when required transformative systemic change, integrated with sustainable development and that adaption needs will be lower in a 1.5°C world compared to a 2°C world.

5.2 Changing Ocean and Biodiversity

5.2.1 Introduction

What are the physical and chemical properties undergoing change in the ocean,s and their impacts on open ocen ecosystems and deep-sea floor systems? The open ocean and deep-sea floor include water column steeper than 200 m, 600 feet.

Introduction to changing open ocean (Open ocean surface to 200 meters?

The ocean grows progressively warmer with parallel changes in ocean chemistry, which includes ocean acidification and oxygen loss. Trends of warming and acidification are easily detected in oceanic observations, well understood scientifically, and consistently projected by ESM's. Changing concentrations of greenhouse gases and aerosols will affect average ocean temperature for centuries after human forcing becomes stabilized; stabilization has no decernable time line.

Local changes will occur as a result of global scale changes. Acidification, salinity, nutrients and oxygen concentrations in the ocean will affect ecosystmes and human societies.

"Today we see something very different and far more sinister. Nihilistic forces are dismantling policies to protect our air, water, and climate. And they seek to discredit the pillars of our democracy: voting rights and fair elections, the rule of law, the free press, the separation of powers, the belief in science, and the concept of truth itself" Paul Volcker

Milankovitch and Climate

draft page

"The nationalist not only does not disapprove of atrocities
committed by his own side, but he has a remarkable capacity
for not even hearing about them" - - George Orwell

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