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Killer Oceans - Our life support system -

The Cost of Fossil Fuels: Ocean Acidification, Heat, Plastic, Loss of Albedo

Read the logic and grasp at least one projection out of ten:

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Presidential Climate Deception and Climate Change

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They Knew - What US Presidents knew about causes of climate change, fossil fuels.

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We’ve Ignored Climate Change For More Than a Century - More videos below -

Thanks go to the fossil fuel industry for its early carbon dioxide research.


1965 American Petroleum Institute Proceedings: Time is Running Out (PDF - P 13) 1978 Exxon Memo on Greenhouse Effect

Shell Oil 1991 Climate Change Warning - Video

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NASA - Global Climate Change - CO2 rise, 2002 - 2016

To heat Earth, turn Arctic Ocean from white to blue.

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IPCC Ocean and Cryosphere findings: Ocean Acidification (underconstruction), Ocean Oxygen Loss (working paper), Ocean Warming (underconstruction) - IPCC Special Report on the Ocean and Cryosphere in a Changing Climate

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What "Conservative" Means

Ocean Acidification

"You can argue about the amount of climate change or the weather, but you cannot argue about ocean acidification." Dr. Katharine Hayhoe.

From space we see 7 continents dividing a Global Ocean into five killer oceans; at sea level, nations square off for the next world war over dwindling ocean resources and new acidic conditions.

What causes "killer oceans"?

Carbon dioxide (CO 2) absorbed by ocean water changes to carbonic acid (H2CO3). Prove it to yourself. Blow into a straw placed in a glass of water. Your water becomes more acidic with the addition of your body's exhaled C O 2. A pH stick will show the results.
With rising atmospheric and ocean CO2 levels since the start of the Industrial Revolution, 270 parts per million (ppm) to today's 410 ppm, ocean acidification increases, altering ocean balances. Life cannot adapt fast enough; hence "killer oceans."

More, plastic pollution also plays a major role in causing killer oceans while over fishing adds to the needless loss of sea life. Then there's inappropriate fishing technologies destroying species-populations and their habitat. Finally, even now, poaching kills off the last survivors.


How do the climate change deniers get away with their deceptions? See The American Denial of Global Warming with Naomi Eoreskes



Arctic Ocean Video - - The Arctic is the fastest warming place on Earth. The 7th Generation will pay our fossil fuel costs, a type of intergenerational welfare. They have no voice, no vote.

NASA studies Earth more than any other planet. NASA planetary studies show that Earth is the one place in our solar system where humans can live. Sevante Arrhenius' 1896 climate findings become more certain through NASA research; yet, humanity ignores past and present climate science at its peril. Why It's Important That NASA Studies Both Earth and Outer Space

The Arctic-mid-latitude weather connection - -Arctic is warming more than twice as quicky as the rest of the world.

The Arctic now warms because of feedback loops caused by melting ice and snow, "albedo" (see James Croll). Exposed blue water then absorbs solar heat, a feedback loop increases warming water and warm air rises. The Arctic vortex meanders, and freezing air moves toward the equator. Places like Houston sometimes freeze. Temperatures and humidity worldwide become amplified the Arctic and equator's temperature grow alike. Anticipated and unanticipated weather behaviors becomes amplified.

"Seminal research research by Francis suggests that Arctic warming may already be causing the jet stream to become slower and wavier."